At Pathway, we live and work by specific core values. They are the chosen paths that lead to our desired destination, while focusing on respect for people, dignity of the human spirit and greater quality of life for all. The order of each core value is purposefully structured:

  1. We Seek to Honor God in All We Do.  This first core value is the foundation of Pathway BioLogic’s service and relationships.  We value integrity as a principle that should guide the conduct of all the members of the organization.  The absolute standards of right and wrong apply not only to our personal lives, but they are also equally important in the workplace.
  2. We Help People Develop.  As an organization, we are committed to providing employees with skills training and opportunities to accomplish meaningful and significant achievements both personally and professionally.
  3. We Pursue Excellence.  Achieving strong lasting relationships with our customers must be at the heart of everything we do.  We invest in a tailored approach to uniquely meet the changing needs of our customers, and provide the best possible solution.
  4. We Grow Profitably.  We hold one another accountable as stewards of resources, technology improvements and excellence.